Tailored Compliance Management Solution

Tax Technology Group is now offering a tailored compliance management solution to better serve our clients.  TTG brings over 50 years of combined experience to transaction taxes, with expertise in the following areas that set us apart from the outsource providers.

  • Taxability Reviews
  • Correspondence Management
  • Sales & Use Tax Nexus Reviews

TTG is also a certified implementation partner of the sales and use tax software vendors; which gives us a unique opportunity to not only work side by side with these software and service providers, but also allows us insight into direct client feedback.  We believe TTG can better serve outsourced compliance clients by bridging the gaps left by these service providers.  TTG believes by providing the following deliverables as a part of the monthly compliance management solution, we are bridging the gap from collection to compliance.  

TTG provides total transparency via monthly reporting through a client specific dashboard, which will include taxability, nexus and collection recommendations.
TTG will be the primary point of contact for all tax jurisdictions, and will clearly provide the client with monthly correspondence metrics.  TTG will guarantee timely filing of returns (based on contractual criteria) and will be responsible for any late filing penalties and/or interest in the event of such.
TTG will provide a monthly escrow and general ledger account reconciliation, highlighting any variances in tax collected or accrued and taxes paid to the jurisdiction. TTG will provide recommendations to alleviate under/over collected taxes.

TTG cares about offering a compliance management solution, because it is a fundamental step to providing a transition from software implementation to a full service transaction tax solution.  We aim to ease the burden of our client's tax department, while remaining a cost effective and quality controlled solution.


  1. We provide total transparency
  2. We are here when you need us
  3. We are nexus experts
  4. We deliver a tailored & accurate compliance solution