Tailored technology.

Tax Technology Group designs and implements tax technology solutions tailored to meet your specific business requirements.  We help tax departments and organizations improve tax-related processes, and we help them implement or refine existing indirect tax solutions.  Serving as project manager, solution architect, educator and overall tax policy and tax systems expert, TTG generates smart solutions that support your overall business goals and fit your timeline and budget. 

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moving forward together.

Using our extensive experience in designing and implementing transaction tax systems, TTG guides clients through the entire process, step by step.  You receive an ideal solution - and better yet, you will actually understand it.

We walk you through the implementation process, including the necessary changes to business processes, billing, procurement, asset management systems, tax policy integration points and the configuration of the tax engine.  Serving as your guide, we help you put the pieces together by providing you knowledge and control of the tools put in your hands.