Tax Technology Group consists of technical & functional experts, with decades of successful implementation experience.


Kai Ranabargar

Over 25 years of leading technology implementations and process re-engineering projects for corporate tax departments.  Former "Big Four" national transaction tax lead, with Executive M.B.A. University of Southern California - Marshall School of Business.

senior manager

Alyssa Marchand

Alyssa focuses on transaction tax systems implementations; project management; and tax policy advisory & research.  Alyssa has over ten years of experience as a technology consultant and technical tax professional, including M.S.T. Robert Morris University.

technical programmer

Cara Brauner

Cara focuses on the technical aspects of tax software integration's.  She creates & supports custom applications between the ERP, tax and external systems.  Cara has over 30 years of tax technology experience & successfully completed a Masters in Computer Science.


1.     Trust Is Earned. TTG has earned our reputation of excellence after years of experience and respected relationships. We understand the weight of choosing the right solution, as well as the right implementation partner to guide you through a successful project. Real life experience is everything. Experience means the difference between building the right long-term solution versus a partial solution that does not deliver the right results. Our extensive experience implementing transaction tax solutions ensures that projects will be diligently and professionally executed and that you will not experience a costly learning curve.

2.     Teach Along The Way. TTG believes that it's not just about the end results - it's also about the journey. We want to educate and guide our clients through the entire process. You will come to understand not only your solution but the implementation itself. Technology projects are not solely about computer systems. People, and their understanding of solutions from both a process and technology perspective, are the critical success factor. Nobody understands that better than us.

3.     Transfer Knowledge. TTG does not implement template solutions. We use our vast experience and expertise to tailor solutions that best fit each client's specific needs. Every client and every implementation is different. We invest time at the beginning to understand and help prioritize requirements and important tax policy considerations so that we can always provide the optimal solution.