Tax Technology Group designs & implements transaction tax technology solutions tailored to meet your specific business requirements.  Serving as project manager, solution architect & tax policy partner, we generate smart solutions that support your overall business goals to fit within your timeline & budget.

Our services

Business Process Reviews & best practice analysis

Business process reviews & best practice analysis are powerful services aimed to aid clients in reducing the risk associated with transaction taxes.  A business process review includes the following services:

  • Nexus studies (Click to download our economic nexus map)

  • Feasibility study / Software evaluation

  • Process review & recommendations

  • Taxability analysis

  • Tailored sales and use tax training (qualifying CPE is available)

Tax Systems Implementations

Tax Systems Implementations assist clients in implementing a robust, accurate and risk-reduction tax solution to suit their size and needs.  Tax Technology Group seeks to reduce the stress and costs associated with software implementations.  Tax Technology Group delivers a successful solution, which includes:

  • Transaction tax vendor evaluation

  • Project management

  • System requirements

  • System design

  • System architecture & development

  • System configuration

  • Taxability analysis & research

  • Test cycle management

  • User training & knowledge transfer

  • Post implementation support

Custom Tax Systems Development

Custom Tax Systems Developments are custom integration's to suit the client's specific ERP and transaction tax solution necessities.  Tax Technology Group will design, architect, develop, test, implement & support custom tax developments.  Our technical expertise coupled with our functional proficiency ensures a successful solution that fits your requirements. 

post implementation review

Best practice analysis, nexus studies, taxability analysis & tax research can be performed post implementation, a'la cart.  Post implementation reviews are recommended periodically to ensure the risk and cost reduction sought by the initial tax implementation continues to meet that expectation.  A post implementation review may also include audit sampling analysis and evaluation, delivering a full sampling methodology and strategy for reverse audit. 

compliance management

Transaction tax compliance management services include:

  • Return preparation & remittance

  • Tax calendar management

  • Escrow account reconciliations

  • Jurisdictional notification management